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All of us at ChocolateAmmo love the outdoors. Fishing, camping, hiking, hunting and the list goes on. We also love chocolate. We wanted to make a product that was fun, high quality, great tasting and really showed the enjoyment and relaxation which comes to those who spend time in the great outdoors. As a result we created a line of chocolate novelty products for the outdoorsman. We now carry chocolate gifts including our chocolate bullets, chocolate guns, chocolate grenades and other chocolate ammo. These unique chocolate gifts make great gifts for dad, gifts for men, gifts for hunters and of course, gifts for gun lovers. Our military chocolate novelty products were created to show our support for our troops who provide such a wonderful service. So if you are looking for great stocking stuffers, great Christmas gifts, chocolate novelty gifts or something new for Father's Day gifts check out the great gift ideas in our store.

We have had great fun in creating these unique products. We sincerely hope that you enjoy eating our chocolate ammo and chocolate bullets and using the colorful novelty tins for years to come.

All orders ship from Rexburg, Idaho from about October 1st through the end of April. Summer months are too hot to ship our chocolate, even with ice packs.

Please feel free to contact us at:
Toll Free: 858-252-2666

Since we are in the chocolate business, our favorite chocolate website is www.sephrausa.com. Here you will find amazing chocolate fountain products and chocolate.

Press Release on September 24, 2009


San Diego, Calif.—September 24, 2009—Aeon Meridian LLC has captured the nostalgia of the great outdoors in their chocolate novelty collector tin series featuring vintage Currier & Ives prints dating back to the 1860’s. Beautifully designed and fashioned after the military ammunition can, these unique lockable collector tins are filled with chocolate bullets, peanut butter filled shot gun shells and gummi worms. They make a perfect gift for the outdoorsman or woman. Products will be available for shipment October 1, 2009.

“The idea for the tins came while my sons and I were coming home from deer hunting in Utah”, said Mr. Muir, CEO. “Since we deal with several tons of chocolate everyday through our affiliate company Sephra, LP, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial chocolate fountain machines for the catering industry, we thought it would be fun to create something with chocolate that would be a great gift for those who enjoy hunting and fishing. The first product was a lockable tin fashioned after the military ammunition can filled with 20 rounds of milk chocolate bullets. It has been a tremendous success already having sold over 50,000 tins.”

The product line now incorporates five uniquely designed collector tins each filled with either chocolate bullets, peanut butter filled shotgun shells or gummi worms for the fishing enthusiast. Three of the tins feature vintage Currier & Ives prints depicting hunting and fishing scenes in early America. The chocolate used for the contents of each tin is high quality chocolate, not the cheap chocolate that one might expect to find in a novelty gift of this type. “We know and appreciate great chocolate and wanted to provide our customers with delicious chocolate as well as a keepsake,” said Mr. Muir.

“The tins will definitely not be thrown away”, said Mr. Muir. “You will see them on people’s shelves and in their work rooms for years filled with all types of nick knacks and even real ammunition. Many of the military style tins have made their way over to Iraq and Afghanistan via military families and friends.” The tins are all lockable and stackable so they make storing different types of real ammunition very convenient and safe.

The collector tins will be carried in a variety of retail sporting goods stores and will also be available on-line.

Chocolateammo.com is located in San Diego, CA and specializes in creating novelty chocolate gifts for hunters, fishermen and outdoorsman in unique nostalgic packaging. Our chocolate gifts make great white elephant gifts and prank gifts, too.