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ChocolateAmmo.com carries a wide variety of unique gift ideas. We have lots of great chocolate gifts, including the renown Chocolate Bullet Military Tin - yes, contains delicious chocolate bullets! We carry great gifts for Dad with a wide variety of gifts for Father's Day. We have some great Christmas stocking stuffers and delicious chocolate gift ideas for everyone on your list. We even have great gift ideas for military and hunters. Bottom line - we carry lots of chocolate and very affordable gifts!

Our chocolate gift shop carries gifts for Dad, gifts for men, gifts for hunters, chocolate gifts, chocolate ammo, chocolate bullets, chocolate shotgun shells, chocolate ammunition, chocolate candy mold, chocolate molds, chocolate ammo kit, gifts for outdoorsman, chocolate candy making kits, Father's Day gifts, chocolate gifts for kids and great chocolate stocking stuffers. We also carry gifts under $10.

The Chocolate Ammo concept originated from our love of the outdoors, hunting and our right to bear arms in this great country. We proudly encourage the responsible use of firearms and enjoy promoting their use with our novelty collector tins.

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  1. Bass Fishing Tin with Gummi Worms
    Bass Fishing Tin
    Special Price $6.60 Regular Price $10.99
  2. Solid Chocolate Gun in Case
    Solid Chocolate Handgun
    Special Price $14.99 Regular Price $24.99

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Chocolate Bullet Military Tin: The Chocolate Ammo collector tin is still our most popular chocolate novelty gift. It makes a great gift for military men and woman, great gift for Dad, or great gift for gun lovers. This is a great Christmas gift. This Military style tin comes loaded with delicious chocolate bullets. Also try the Chocolate Ammo Candy Making Kit so you can make all the chocolate bullets you want. The chocolate bullet mold makes 10 bullets per tray. Purchase a full size candy making tray which will allow you to make 20 chocolate bullets at one time.

Collector Fishing Tin: For those who love to fish, we have created two unique fishing collector tins. These make perfect gifts for fishermen. The first features vintage Currier & Ives artwork illustrating the fun of trout fishing and a bounteous catch. The second fishing collector tin features artwork of famous wildlife artist Mark Susinno and depicts the fighting fun of catching largemouth bass. Each of these tins contains delicious gummi worms for snacking on while you are out for a day of fishing. This collector's item makes a unique gift for fishermen and is ideal for storing your fishing gear.

Vintage Chocolate Bullet Tin: Best gifts for hunters or chocolate lovers. Our vintage chocolate bullet tin is decorated with original Currier & Ives artwork from the late 1800’s making the whole set a great gift for collectors. It depicts the drama of the buffalo hunt and the adventurous deer hunting trip with good friends. This chocolate ammo tin is filled with 20 delicious real chocolate bullets.

Many customers have commented they were surprised how delicious the chocolate is!

Marketing Tools: If you sell any of our Chocolate Ammo products, we are delighted to share all of our product images and marketing materials to help you get these great items in front of your customers.